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dslash 03.06.2019 02:07

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Принимает 158 из 195 стран мира.


BE - Belgium
NO - Norway
FR - France
CH - Switzerland
SE - Sweden
FI - Finland
DK - Denmark
AT - Austria
CL - Chile
LU - Luxembourg
DE - Germany
CK - Cook Islands
FJ - Fiji
PG - Papua New Guinea
WS - Samoa
NL - Netherlands
JP - Japan
IE - Ireland
KW - Kuwait
ES - Spain
IT - Italy
UY - Uruguay
HU - Hungary
NZ - New Zealand
BS - Bahamas
AZ - Azerbaijan
JO - Jordan
PS - Palestinian Territory
YE - Yemen
AD - Andorra
TT - Trinidad and Tobago
IS - Iceland
PR - Puerto Rico
AE - United Arab Emirates
OM - Oman
DM - Dominica
HT - Haiti
AG - Antigua and Barbuda
BM - Bermuda
GD - Grenada
KN - Saint Kitts and Nevis
KY - Cayman Islands
TC - Turks and Caicos Islands
VC - Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
VG - Virgin Islands, British
VI - Virgin Islands, U.S.
SG - Singapore
CY - Cyprus
CZ - Czech Republic
QA - Qatar
PY - Paraguay
BH - Bahrain
PT - Portugal
AU - Australia
EC - Ecuador
CO - Colombia
PL - Poland
CR - Costa Rica
CA - Canada
SI - Slovenia
HR - Croatia
LC - Saint Lucia
SK - Slovakia
LT - Lithuania
US - United States
PA - Panama
MM - Myanmar
AM - Armenia
BY - Belarus
EE - Estonia
MD - Moldova, Republic of
ME - Montenegro
RU - Russian Federation
BO - Bolivia
AP - Asia/Pacific Region
BT - Bhutan
GU - Guam
KH - Cambodia
LA - Lao People's Democratic Republic
MN - Mongolia
MO - Macao
MV - Maldives
NP - Nepal
UZ - Uzbekistan
LV - Latvia
ZA - South Africa
AW - Aruba
LB - Lebanon
SA - Saudi Arabia
BN - Brunei Darussalam
GB - United Kingdom
GR - Greece
NI - Nicaragua
BZ - Belize
GT - Guatemala
MT - Malta
PE - Peru
GY - Guyana
DO - Dominican Republic
JM - Jamaica
SV - El Salvador
HK - Hong Kong
BD - Bangladesh
LK - Sri Lanka
BG - Bulgaria
TR - Turkey
MU - Mauritius
MW - Malawi
SC - Seychelles
KR - Korea, Republic of
HN - Honduras
MA - Morocco
RS - Serbia
TW - Taiwan
AR - Argentina
KZ - Kazakhstan
VN - Vietnam
MX - Mexico
VE - Venezuela
GP - Guadeloupe
MQ - Martinique
SR - Suriname
BQ -
CN - China
CV - Cape Verde
CW -
EU - Europe
FM - Micronesia, Federated States of
FO - Faroe Islands
GF - French Guiana
GG - Guernsey
GL - Greenland
GQ - Equatorial Guinea
ID - Indonesia
IM - Isle of Man
JE - Jersey
KG - Kyrgyzstan
KM - Comoros
MC - Monaco
MF -
MH - Marshall Islands
MP - Northern Mariana Islands
NC - New Caledonia
PF - French Polynesia
RO - Romania
SB - Solomon Islands
SM - San Marino
SX -
TJ - Tajikistan
TO - Tonga
UA - Ukraine
VA - Holy See (Vatican City State)
VU - Vanuatu
YT - Mayotte
BR - Brazil
IN - India
TH - Thailand
PH - Philippines
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